Create WordPress Posts from an API

It is relatively easy to automate post creation in WordPress while pulling data from an api, and to add some pieces of data into custom fields. First, you need to grab some remote data. In this example we’ll get some data from Reddit, specifically the WordPress subreddit – Query Reddit’s API First, lets get… View Tutorial

ES6 Basic Features

ES6 (or ECMAScript 6) is newer standard of JavaScript which provides some exciting new features. Variable Declaration Traditionally when using JavaScript you would declare variables with the var keyword. Creating a variable with var gives it function scope, which means it is accessible anywhere inside of a given function if that’s where it was declared…. View Tutorial

How to Use Flexbox

Flexbox is a newer CSS3 web layout model which allows responsive elements within containers to be arranged vertically or horizontally. It is much more powerful and easy to use than previous techniques involving floats or display: inline-block to position items. Flexbox is currently supported by all modern browsers. Centering a Div Using Flexbox it is… View Tutorial